Mollenhauer Dream Soprano Recorder in Pearwood Red Single Hole

by Mollenhauer

Mollenhauer 4117R. Adri's Dream recorder soprano (descant) c'', pearwood red, renaissance (wide) bore, baroque fingering, single hole. Made from pearwood stained red with dark stained rings, this is an ideal first recorder for teaching in groups or classes, the large finger holes making it ideal for children. Produced in collaboration with reputable Dutch recorder maker Adriana Breukink, the Dream range is a popular choice of instrument with all levels of player. Based on the renaissance style after van Eyck it has a wide bore giving it a broad, full sound, but has conventional baroque fingering. This results in a sound that is full and powerful like the renaissance originals but with an easy response over two octaves. The Dream recorder is also popular with folk musicians who require a louder instrument for performance with amplified instruments.

Click Here for Sound Sample

With cotton bag, mop, cork grease, fingering chart, maintenance instructions

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