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Leveret • Forms (CD)

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Features 18th & 19th Century English dance tunes

English instrumental powerhouse Leveret mark ten years of playing together with the album 'Forms'.

During their decade together, Sam Sweeney, Andy Cutting and Rob Harbron have been at the heart of countless albums and projects with numerous heavyweight artists - Roger Daltrey, Bellowhead, The Full English, Blowzabella, Eliza Carthy and Jon Boden to name a few - and yet as a trio they continue to plough their own furrow, playing the music they are passionate about in their own unique way.

Together they have inspired a new generation of musicians and helped bring a renewed interest in English instrumental music.

Forms is Leveret at their best - spontaneous, inventive and truly listenable music from three superb instrumentalists who are truly leading the field.

'Forms' was recorded on location in Belgium by the band's regular live engineer, Neil Ferguson, in a favourite safe-house where the band have played several house concerts.

The material was quite new and the process of setting off through the channel tunnel in a couple of cars filled with equipment and instruments brought a freshness to the recording process and helped give the record even more exciting spontaneity than their previous four albums.

ROB HARBRON concertina
ANDY CUTTING diatonic accordion

LEVCD06 • Released 2023