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EMS Heritage 27 String Harp Kit with Padded Bag

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Heritage 27 string harp kit for home assembly. No specialist tools are required other than a basic knowledge of woodwork and a basic tool kit. The kit includes everything you require to build your own harp, except for the glue, varnish, clamps and tools, which are available from any good DIY store. 

Please note: this kit is supplied without an instruction manual, but we are available to give advice by email and the construction is fairly straight forward.

Heritage 27 string harp with semitone levers and incorporating some of the best features of both Celtic and modern harp designs. 
All Heritage Harp Kits include a padded bag, tuning key, a harp regulating tool and are supplied in a natural finish (beech).

Strings - 27 nylon strings with wound bass strings
Range - C3 - A6 (C4 = middle C)
Flip type semitone levers 
Height (approx) 104cm x 60cm x 32cm
Weight (approx) 8kg

For further details or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.