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Handel: Rinaldo for 2 Treble Recorders and Continuo

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Handel's magnificent opera 'Rinaldo' reappears as a very appealing chamber music composition and a valuable addition to the recorder repertoire, presented here for two alto recorders and continuo.


  • Ouverture
  • Duetto "Scherzano sul tuo volto" (Almirena, Rinaldo)
  • Aria "Cara sposa" (Rinaldo)
  • Aria "Lascia ch'io pianga" (Almirena)
  • Duetto "Fermati! - No, crudel!" (Armida, Rinaldo)
  • Aria "Col valor" (Eustazio)
  • Aria "Combatti da forte" (Almirena)

The astute publisher John Walsh made a mint out of his edition of the "sinfonias and arias" from Rinaldo arranged for a variety of instrumental combinations. The present edition is based on a version which bears the title: "The most celebrated Aires and Duets in the Opera of Rinaldo- Curiously fitted and contriv'd for two Flutes and a Bass with their Symphony introduc'd in a compleat manner."

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