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Gunn: Discoveries from the Fortepiano

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"A Manual for Beginning and Seasoned Performers" by Donna Louise Gunn

This book uncovers 18th century performance practices and philosophical beliefs, enabling modern performers to craft an authentic, historically influenced style.

Through over 100 musical examples, Gunn provides answers to performance questions regarding technique, dynamics, articulation, rhythm, ornamentation and pedaling. 


  1. Urgency - Why Bother?
  2. Affekt and Good Taste
  3. Formal Structure and Harmonic Function
  4. Technique - Execution
  5. Rhythm
  6. Dynamics
  7. Accents and Other Expression Marks
  8. Articulation and Touch
  9. Staccato Dote and the Other Usual Suspects
  10. Ornaments
  11. Repeats
  12. Damper Pedal
  13. Indicated Tempo
  14. Final Words