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Erik Martens Spanish Alto Shawm in G

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Erik Martens has been playing the tenor shawm since 2008 as a member of the Colchester Waits. Our good friend John Hanchet generously offered him the opportunity to take over some of his shawm designs and being an engineer by profession, Erik now continues production of these fine instruments. With John’s many years of experience and some of his tooling, John expertly taught Erik the skills of wood turning and instrument making and there the story begins with many new models planned for the future.

 Erik Martens Spanish Shawms - tuned A440 – robust, uncomplicated instruments with a strong clear tone are perfect for outdoor performances and in all weathers! Available:  Sopranino in F, Soprano in C or D and Alto in F or G

All shawms are made from English Sycamore which has been stained and oil finished. Supplied with one reed made by Lizzie Gutteridge and a cloth bag. Lizzie Gutteridge is an established supplier of reeds for shawms and curtals.

Sound Files for Spanish Shawms:
Sopranino in F
Soprano in C
Soprano in D
Alto in F
Alto in G

Fingering Charts for 
Spanish Shawms:
Sopranino Spanish Shawm 
Soprano Spanish Shawm
Alto Spanish Shawms