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Double Fretted Clavichord after Hubert by The Paris Workshop (Previously Owned)

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PO Ref. PO0382S  
Double Fretted Clavichord after Hubert made from a kit by The Paris Workshop (Previously Owned). Professionally assembled and in excellent condition with matching cabriole leg stand and lid. The case work and stand are made entirely from solid wild cherry wood. Fully serviced and regularly tuned by Peter Barnes.

TPW Double Fretted Clavichord with 51 notes: C-d''', A415, double strung

The clavichord is without doubt the most expressive keyboard instrument and this Double-fretted version would have to be one of the most delightful instruments to play.

The mechanism is very simple: The brass tangents are set in the ends of each key and strike the pairs of strings as well as determine their speaking length

The Double-fretted Clavichord shares strings throughout much of its compass, which makes it easier to tune and very portable

Range 51 notes: C-d''', A415, double strung
Wood Case in cherry
Swiss pine soundboard
Keyboard Boxwood naturals and fruitwood accidentals
Dimensions Length 127cm ~ Width 36cm ~ Depth of case 11cm
Weight 18kg
Stand Matching cabriole leg stand

Spare strings are available from The Early Music Shop and sold separately on 10m coils. Please search our website for details of EMS Music Wire.   

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