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Le Manuscrit Caumont Orgue (Hardback)

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  • A new and exciting discovery of unknown French organ music from 1707
  • Both English and French versions available (please using the dropdown options below)
  • Detailed preface containing information on the manuscript, its music, performance notes and instruments
  • Full critical commentary


Until this edition, Le Manuscrit Caumont Orgue (1707) has been entirely unknown to organists and students of French Classical organ literature. Its pages contain some music we can identify and whose composers are familiar to us, though the wealth of its contents lies in over 80 pieces that are unique to this one volume. Although no composer is identified, Caumont Orgue’s editor, Jon Baxendale, has searched for a possible candidate and has discovered them to be by the Rouanaisse organist and composer Jacques Boyvin.

This Lyrebird Music edition is the first time these works have seen the light of day for over three centuries. A substantial preface examines both the manuscript and its music and discusses such performance issues as registration, fingering, notes inégales and ornamentation using sources contemporary to the manuscript itself.