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Coolsma Soprano Recorder after Terton in European Boxwood with Decoration (a=415)

by Coolsma

A high quality solo recorder from the workshops of Dutch recorder maker Hans Coolsma (1919-1991). Their low-pitch sopranos are modelled after original sopranos by Englelbert Terton, a Dutch maker in the 18th century. This soprano is made of European boxwood, has decorative rings and the thumbhole is bushed. 

This recorder comes with a hard case, pull through, fingering chart, maintenance instructions and a 5-year warranty.

  • Baroque fingering
  • Double holes
  • 3-Piece
  • Made of European boxwood with decoration
  • Thumbhole bush
  • Pitch: a´= 415 Hz
  • Includes hard case, pull through, cork grease and fingering chart
  • 5 year warranty