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Coolsma Millennium Contra Bass Recorder in Birch

by Coolsma
1 review
£2,458.33 excluding VAT (UK Export Price)

This contra-bass offers easy playing with light carbon-fibre finger pads. The recorder parts are joined by clips, for easy assembly.

The recorder includes a hard carry cased stand.

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Neil G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Not sure about this one...

I have had this instrument now for a year and although it generally plays reasonably well and has been used a fair amount, there have also been significant problems and it has already had two trips back to Saltaire. The first was almost immediately, because middle F was nearly a quarter tone sharp (excruciating!). The addition of a bush to the top front hole sorted this issue and that hole had clearly been created just too large or too high-up. Later in the year the bottom F# key came to pieces. Again, this has been repaired with the addition of some extra carbon fibre to provide more substance and some neat brass screws. The 90 degree joint of two 3mm pieces of carbon fibre secured only with glue, was totally inadequate. More recently, I have been experimenting with other tuning issues and have now inserted small amounts of plasticine into the walls of three other holes to reduce their size and thus flatten notes which were all between 20 and 30 cents sharp (Just about possible to lip into tune without , but far from ideal!). This, I see as a temporary measure while I decide if this is a genuine improvement.... but it does seem to be. Finally, the pitch plate provided is not really serviceable... when it is added the instrument, the bottom five notes all become very unstable to the point where they become unusable... I have never needed to use this plate and am not sure why it is causing the issue, so I have parked this one for the moment. As things stand, I now feel moderately happy with the performance, although the notes in the upper register.... A, B natural and C are all very sharp and require extra fingers to get them under control, but many instruments also exhibit this tendency, although to a much lesser degree. The instrument is the lowest priced contra available and at face value, represents very good value. However, clearly it has some issues which might or might not be a problem. My guess is that each instrument of this size will be individually made as the number produced each year will be so small, so it is possible that other instruments may not exhibit the issues I have had... so my advice would be to listen carefully and think hard before committing!