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6 Course Renaissance Lute after Frei by Matias Crom


6 Course Renaissance Lute after Frei by Matias Crom

Inspired by lutes

after Frei and maybe one of the most popular lutes ever copied by luthiers around the world.  The original string length of 59cm makes it a great 7 course lute. The bowl has 13 ribs of Pearwood. The top is made from the finest Austrian high mountain spruce with the original carved rose design. The neck core is also spruce and veneered with pearwood.

6 Course Renaissance Lute after Hieber by Matias Crom

13 ribs of Pearwood
High mountain Austrian Spruce top.
Ebony Fingerboard
Maple veneers on neck and pegbox
Aquila Strings
Supplied with padded bag

Vibrating String Length: 590mm

7 Course Stringing Schedule - Aquila D d, , G g, C C, f f, a a, d'd' g

7th   D  - AQUL195D
7th   d  - AQUL94NG - octave
6th   G  - AQUL150D
6th   g - AQUL73NG - octave
5th   C  - AQUL112D  
5th   C  - AQUL112D
4th   f  - AQUL85NG    
4th   f  - AQUL85NG    
3rd   a  - AQUL70NG
3rd   a  - AQUL70NG
2nd  d'  - AQUL54NG
2nd  d'  - AQUL54NG
1st    g  - AQUL42NG

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