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Heritage 19 String Knee Harp

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Our 19-string Knee Harp is an ideal starter harp for a young child and is an effective therapy harp. It is also perfect for a musician wanting play to introduce themselves to playing folk and medieval music.

Our harp is strung with nylon strings which produce a bright tone. It is made of beech with a laminated soundboard and has a painted Celtic design with traditional style carvings. 

This harp does not have levers and therefore is best for players who play music in only a few keys. We recommend tuning this harp in C major, or the key you play most in. Play in lots of different keys? The 19-string Pixie harp would be a your best choice!


  • A soft-padded, black canvas case
  • Tuning Key


  • Height: 79cm
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Range: 2 1/2 octaves

19-string knee harp range

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