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EMS Heritage Baroque Guitar

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Our EMS Heritage Baroque guitar was newly designed and launched in 2015 and has been well received. It has a coopered back and sides and is fitted with Aquila New Nylgut strings. It is an attractive instrument with a bright, clear tone. Watch a demonstration of its playing possibilities by Jacob Heringman.

We set up these instruments to play at baroque pitch, a=415. They play well at modern pitch by simply changing the strings.

  • String length: 688mm
  • Tuning: e', b' g', d, a'
  • Includes a semi-rigid gig case 

Our baroque guitar is tuned with standard re-entrant tuning - the 5th course is higher than the 4th course d. The 4th course is in octaves, with the higher string on the left as recommended by Stradivarius. Find our recommended stringing for this guitar.

Baroque Guitar
Baroque Guitar Tuning:   A415.
String Length       688mm
e´            0.46 mmØ = AQUL46NG
b x 2       0.58 mmØ = AQUL58NG
g x 2       0.73 mmØ = AQUL73NG
d             0.90 mmØ = AQUL91NG
d´            0.42 mmØ = AQUL42NG
a x 2       0.66 mmØ = AQUL66NG

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For spare strings, please use the Aquila string codes above to search our website and place your order online.