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Bronze Harp Bundle - Heritage 19 String Pixie Harp

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Our 19-string Pixie Harp is an inexpensive, small Celtic lever harp. It is an ideal starter instrument for those wanting to see how they get on with the harp before investing in a larger, more expensive harp. It is also perfect for singers wanting to explore accompanying themselves. 

Our Pixie harp is a great travelling harp - perfect for taking to festivals and using for busking. It's light-weight, compact and easy to carry around. This harp is ideally played on the lap so you can play it anywhere!

Unlike some lever harps our Pixie harp has semi-tone levers on all of the strings. They are made of metal an are extremely reliable. It is made of beech with a laminated soundboard, a painted Celtic design and traditional style carvings.

The Pixie harp has nylon strings which produce a bright tone. The strings are low tension which is great for young children or people who have problems with finger movement.

Why not listen to the Pixie harp in action!


  • Tuning Key
  • Canvas soft-padded case

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Bronze Harp Bundle

The bronze harp bundle comes with this 19-string lever harp, a tuning key, a soft-padded case, a tuner, a spare set of strings and a harp tutor book. 

  • Height: 31" (79cm)
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Range: 2 1/2 octaves

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