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14 Course Archlute (Liuto Attiorbato) after Sellas by Matias Crom

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14 Course Archlute (Liuto Attiorbato) after Sellas by Matias Crom and supplied with padded bag

“Sellas” Liuto Attiorbato made after the originals of Matteo Sellas from the Cite de la Musique in Paris. The string length is 59/88 cm with single strings on the basses. The bowl is made from 15 ribs of maple and walnut, the top is high mountain Austrian spruce and the rose is the same as in the original instrument. 

This lute has a fast and bright sound, with powerful basses. It can also be played using single strings on the short pegbox, for continuo playing. It is a very popular instrument with players as you can play lute repertoire, basso continuo along with being light and easy to transport.

14 Course Archlute 59/88cm after Sellas by Matias Crom

Bowl made of maple and walnut.
High mountain Austrian Spruce top.
Rosewood fingerboard.
Maple veneers on neck and pegbox.
Aquila Strings
Supplied with padded bag

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