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EMS Theorbo with Padded Bag by The Early Music Shop

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We are grateful to David Parsons, the well known lutenist, for his guidance and help in creating this remarkably inexpensive theorbo (bass lute). The instrument is a large chitarrone/theorbo of early 17th century and pattern based on a surviving instrument by Beuchenberg with 6 fingered single courses and 8 diapasons.

Fitted with nylon strings as standard, however our luthier can set up the instrument with Aquila Nylgut for an additional £175.

Now includes a padded bag, but a hard case is available for better long-term protection. 

String length: 88.5cms (fingerboard) 159.3cms (basses)
Tuning: a e b g d A with the diapasons G F E D C B A G

Total Length: 180cm

Width: 37cm

Depth: 15cm