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7 Course Renaissance Lute after Venere by Charlotte De Ley

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This instrument is inspired by a lute made by Wendelio Venere in 1582. The bowl consists of 13 ribs made of cypress and black (maple) spacers. The neck has a solid spruce core and is veneered with ebony. The sides of the neck are planed and replaced with solid ebony for durability. The cheeks of the pegbox are solid maple veneered with cypress; the back of the pegbox is closed with ebony. The fingerboard is also ebony and the bridge is pearwood that has been dyed. The pegs are hand turned and made of boxwood as well as the endpin. The rose design is inspired by an original of Wendelin Tieffenbrucker (c.1590). The instrument is strung with Aquila Nylgut and Aquila CD (loaded gut) strings, and comes with a 35mm padded semi-rigid lightweight case.