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EMS Heritage 6 Course Renaissance Lute Kit - with semi rigid padded case

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This new range of lute kits available from the Early Music Shop is based on the ever popular Hieber lutes and designed by our own dedicated team of craftsmen.

The kit builds into a light and responsive instrument with a shell made from thirteen lacewood ribs, separated by narrow inlay strips. The lute is built from a quality solid sitka spruce soundboard with laser cut rose, lacewood neck, peg box and walnut fingerboard and boxwood pegs. This kit is made to the same high specification as our finished lutes.

Just follow the step by step comprehensive instruction manual complete with colour photographs and full scale drawing. An important design improvement is that the kit is supplied with a completely pre-assembled shell, which overcomes the frustrations that many kit builders found with our previous lute kits. Each part is carefully shaped ready for assembly, with only limited hand skills required. We now include a pre-cut rose to encourage those of you who are less adventurous!

All parts are replaceable (should you need it) with the full back up service of our workshop. Each lute kit is supplied with a protective case which is included in the price. A complete set of Aquila Nylgut strings completes the kit.

    • Vibrating string length = 600mm
    • Tuning: Standard (renaissance in g)
  • 6 Course Lute Stringing Schedule - Aquila G g, C c, f f, a a, d'd' g
    (For spare strings, simply use the product codes below to search our website)

    6th G - AQUL150D
    6th g - AQUL70NG
    5th C - AQUL108D or AQUL104D
    5th c - AQUL52NG
    4th f - AQUL82NG or AQUL100D - AQUL88D wound
    4th f- AQUL82NG or AQUL100D - AQUL88D wound - AQUL40NG Octave
    3rd a - AQUL64NG
    3rd a - AQUL64NG
    2nd d' - AQUL48NG
    2nd d' - AQUL48NG
    1st g - AQUL42NG

    Offer includes:- lute tutor book (Learning To Play The Lute - Lute Lessons for the Beginner by Frank DeGroodt) and one year's free Lute Society Membership (only available for new members and not transferable).