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Wickhambrook Lute Manuscript

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Wickhambrook Lute Manuscript The Wickhambrook Lute Manuscript is no. 6 in our series of lute book facsimiles. It is a large folio-sized manuscript compiled in the 1590s, perhaps to collect and preserve lute music by John Johnson, who died in 1594, and whose works predominate in this source. It contains what seems to be an autograph of his son, Robert Johnson. It contains 24 pieces, all for 6-course lutes, including two duets; 11 by John Johnson, 4 by Dowland (this is the unique source of ‘Tarleton’s Resurrection’), 2 by Philip van Wilder, one each by Holborne, Peter Philips, and Lassus, and 5 by anon. The original hands are beautifully clear and easy to play from. An extremely detailed introductory study by Ian Harwood considers the manuscript’s provenance and known history, with exhaustive lists of concordances and cognates from John H. Robinson. 56 pages.

US-NH - New Haven (CT) Yale University

Irving S. Gilmore Music Library

Music Deposit 1 (formerly Rare Ma21 W632)