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The King's Singers & Fretwork • Tom & Will: Weelkes & Byrd 400 Years (CD)


As part of this project, The King’s Singers and Fretwork have commissioned two new works for their joint forces, by two of Britain’s great living composers: Sir James MacMillan and Roderick Williams. These works only feature in the version performed by The King’s Singers and Fretwork, but represent a commitment to keeping the spirit of Byrd and Weelkes alive in today’s musical landscape.


  1. Praise our Lord all ye Gentiles – William Byrd
  2. If Women Could be Fair – William Byrd
  3. Say Dear, When Will Your Frowning Leave – Thomas Weelkes
  4. Like Two Proud Armies – Thomas Weelkes
  5. Pavan No. 3 – Thomas Weelkes
  6. Thule, the Period of Cosmography – Thomas Weelkes
  7. What Joy so True – Thomas Weelkes
  8. In Nomine a4 – Thomas Weelkes
  9. Ye Sacred Muses (1) –  William Byrd
  10. Ye Sacred Muses (2) – James MacMillan
  11. In Nomine a5 (1) – Thomas Weelkes
  12. Hark all ye Lovely Saints Above – Thomas Weelkes
  13. Death Hath Deprived Me – Thomas Weelkes
  14. Death, be not Proud – Roderick Williams
  15. In Nomine a5 (2) – Thomas Weelkes
  16. Who Made Thee Hob – William Byrd
  17. This Sweet and Merry Month of May – William Byrd
  18. Browning (The Leaves Be Green) – William Byrd
  19. Alack, When I Look Back – William Byrd
  20. O Lord Make thy Servant Elizabeth – William Byrd


The King's Singers voices
Fretwork viol consort

SIGCD576 • Released 2023