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Trouvère • Magna Melodia: Medieval Music from the time of the Magna Carta (CD)

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Magna Melodia - Medieval Music from the time of the Magna Carta - CD

The CD features over twenty songs and melodies of the 12th/13th century recorded by Trouvere in 2014/2015. Trouvere specialise in high medieval music and have a wide variety of medieval instruments. This recording features medieval lute, gittern, harp, symphony (a form of medieval hurdy gurdy), double flute, whistles, transverse flutes and voice.

The music is drawn from various manuscripts but focuses mostly on the Troparium de Catania (Norman Sicilian - 12th century) and the Ludus Danielis, Egerton Manuscript (Northern France - early 13th century). The CD also includes English music and songs of the troubadours/trouveres.

Please click on the available links below for sound file samples. 

This CD features the following tracks:

1 Can vei la lauzeta / La douza votz
2 L'autrier jost' in sebissa
3 Kalenda maia
4 Congaudentes iubilemus
5 Natali regis glorie
6 Fort chose avias
7 Rassa tan cries / Mon chan fenisc
8 Anni novi circulus
9 Omnis mundus iocundetur
10 Orientis partibus
11 Ex regali
12 Rex tua nolo munera
13 Cum doctorum
14 Abacuc / Nuntium vobis
15 Volez vous que je vous chant
16 Parti de mal / Ja nus hons pris
17 Dance
18 Foweles in the frith / Man mei longe
19 Verbum patris umanatur
20 Mirie it is