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Recorder31 - Preview

Recorder31 - Preview

Get ready for Recorder 31 from EMS!

Throughout the month of August we’ll be bringing you daily news, events, concerts, interviews, offers and more from the world of recorders and recorder players. Don’t miss it!

Recorder31 starts at 08.00 (BST) on 1st August with an extensive offer across our range of tenor recorders, which includes instruments from Moeck, Mollenhauer, Kung, Yamaha, Triebert, Aura, Marsysas, Blezinger, Paetzold, Takeyama and more. Look out for our previously owned instruments as well as three surprise one-off ‘Star Buys’ launching at 10.00 (BST) tomorrow.

Altogether we have more than 60 tenors from over 15 makers, a mixture of plastic and wooden in a variety of models. With straight, knick, keyless, keyed and comfort designs there are tenors for everyone. All of the recorders with up to 10% off are in stock and ready for immediate despatch from Saltaire. For your piece of mind every recorder has been stored for 5 days before being sent out so you can be confident there are no hygiene concerns. 

As well as modern pitch tenors we also have some historical tenors at a=415, suitable for players wanting to play with others at baroque pitch. 

Tenor Recorder Weekend - Shop the Sale

Our offer of up to 10% off tenor recorders will start at 08.00 (BST) on Friday 1st August and ends at 11.59 (PT) on Sunday 2nd August. Offer available while stock lasts.

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