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Recorder31 - Day 25

Recorder31 - Day 25

For Day 25 of Recorder31 we are delighted to showcase Neil Garner's - "the home of beautiful recordings that you can play along with. No videos, just quality audio!" For a preview of what wonderful things he has in store, Neil has produced this wonderful trailer (see below).


Neil says the following about this innovative new resource:
"The business came about as a Covid-19 project when my other work as a Broadcast Training Consultant stopped because overseas travel was impossible. When the business launches, we should have about 80 works available. This will actually amount to roughly 500 recordings. Ongoing, we intend to post another 10 works (approx 60 recordings) per month."


As part of our Recorder31 celebration, Neil has kindly prepared 2 sample pieces for us to offer for free to our amazing customers - neither of which have been seen before, so they are an exclusive to EMS! One piece is a Holborne Pavan (click here) and the other is a Buxtehude Canzonetta (click here).

We are sure you will love these sample resources, and for full access do have a look at the full membership plans at The full website will be live from 29th August 2020.

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