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Recorder31 — Day 20

Recorder31 — Day 20

As well as the Medieval Double Recorder, introduced by Dr Emily Baines for Day 18 of Recorder31, there are many other variations of the 'typical' recorder found all over the world!

For Recorder31 Day 20, discover the Csakan with Mary-Jannet Leith! The Csakan (or 'walking stick recorder'!) was popular in Vienna in the early 19th century and so is often referred to as 'the Romantic recorder'. Watch the video above to find out more and hear a performance of the Allegro movement from Anton Herberle's Sonate (1808).

Enjoy this clip? Click here to watch all previous PitchPoint episodes — our podcast presented by Mary-Jannet Leith exploring all things Early Music! Keep an eye out for our special Recorder31 2022 PitchPoint towards the end of the month...

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