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Day 27 | Recorder31

Day 27 | Recorder31

We know how challenging it can be to choose a recorder, and it has been made even harder over the past 18 months. That's why we're dedicated to helping you choose the right recorder for you. 

We have continued our approval service throughout the pandemic, ensuring a safe way to try recorders which is brilliant if you can't get to our shops in Saltaire or Snape (or they are closed due to a pandemic!). You can get up to 4 recorders on approval to try at home (available in UK only) over a period of 10 days, or possibly slightly longer.

We do this because we know that some of you may find it stressful choosing an instrument can be in store. Our experts are always on hand in store, online and on the phone to help you narrow down the huge range of choice, but we're adding sound samples on our website to help you even more. You can now compare different makes, models and woods by listening to pieces played by PitchPoint's Mary-Jannet Leith on the recorder product pages.

Here are four of our favourites!

Kung Studio Garklein in pearwood

Moeck Rondo Soprano in stained pearwood


 Moeck Rottenburgh Alto in Grenadilla


Kung Superio tenor in olivewood



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