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Day 2 | Recorder31

Day 2 | Recorder31

The Society of Recorder Players, the SRP, is a fantastic charity organisation promoting and supporting recorder playing in the UK. It was founded over eighty years ago and has membership of over 1,400 players making it one of the largest recorder societies in the world. The SRP has a network of branches who offering playing opportunities to players of all abilities, it champions the recorder by commissioning new compositions, it supports young players with grants and awards and does much, much more! 

Each year the SRP's annual festival is hosted by a different branch, though the last two have unfortunately been cancelled due to Covid. We caught up with Moira Usher from the Suffolk SRP branch as, not only are they hosting the festival next year, it's where our newly opened Snape store is!   

All information about the SRP, the 2022 festival and the Walter Bergmann Fund can be found on their website at Information about October Recorder Festival (ORF) can be found at 

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Liz Alexander - August 19, 2021

Thank you for your shout out, Moira. Really excited about being Composer in Residence at ORF this October and to introduce more players to my music, some of which is already published by Peacock Press (Recorder Music Mail).

Susan McLarty - August 3, 2022

I couldn’t find information about the October course at the eastern recorders link which appears to be broken. I did find it, through SRP website, at

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