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Recorder31 Day 18 | Friday Fun!

Recorder31 Day 18 | Friday Fun!

Later on today, we'll be moving up in size once again with great deals to be had on tenor recorders, but as is our Recorder31 tradition, first it's time for some Friday Fun!

This week, we’ve jumbled up the names of several of the recorder makers whose instruments we stock at The Early Music Shop. It’s up to you to unscramble them and work out which maker is which!

Click here to view/download the anagrams in PDF format.


The Sound of Recorder Music!

Each day this month we're highlighting an audio clip of a recorder from our extensive range. Later today we begin our weekend promotion of tenor recorders, and here's our very own Triebert Tenor Recorder in Matt Black Finish, an affordable option with a strong, breathy tone. Listen to the clips below or follow this link to find out more about this instrument.

Morley Frog Galliard:

Dowland Lachrimae Pavan:


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