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Part 6

Part 6

Tune in to the finale of Lockdown Lute with Jacob Heringman as he introduces the remaining pieces from the Lute Society's '58 Very Easy Pieces for the Renaissance Lute'. Watch this space for information about our upcoming Lockdown Lute Q&A including how to submit your questions for Jacob to answer.

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Rod Shaw - August 22, 2021

This series is a breath of fresh air!
Do we know when musicians started tuning their 3rd strings to G instead of F#, and why? I’m assuming it happened round about the introduction of the early guitar and was maybe because guitarists started to play in keys that were more suited to it.

Alan Hoyle - March 9, 2021

Many thanks for this ‘epic series’ – as you rightly describe it – Jacob. Extremely enjoyable: informative and inspiring.

‘Very Easy Pieces’… Hmmm… If nothing else, this series of videos demonstrates that, in reality, they are no such thing!

I hope that there will be many more series of videos from you linked to Lute Society editions.

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