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Part 1

Part 1

During lockdown in 2020 we were lucky to have Jacob Heringman present Lockdown Lute for us; 5 informative tutorials about all things Renaissance Lute, which can be re-watched here.

Now in 2021, we are pleased to be able to share new instalments in this popular series weekly on Wednesdays. Watch Jacob as he guides you through the first 10 pieces in The Lute Society's book, '58 Very Easy Pieces for Renaissance Lute' which can be purchased on our website here. Enjoy!

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Andy Price - April 25, 2022

Bought a lute during lockdown, along with the 58 pieces. A difficult start, but this is so very helpful. Thankyou.

Jane chambers - August 22, 2021

Thank you to Jacob and the EMS. I loved the ‘Blacksmith’ and I could hear the anvil. made me think afresh about early Music. Loved it.

Patrig Kernoa - March 9, 2021

Fine to hear of you Jacob, hope we meet again soon as soon as the pandemic is over! Very healthy weather here and you are welcome with family when you want.
Best wishes Patrig

Rupert Waddington - March 9, 2021

Great stuff. Loved the ‘Old Man’ – reckon he was a bit tipsy, showing off he can still dance, cup of mead in hand :-) Thanks Jacob and EMS.

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