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The Hurdy-Gurdy

The Hurdy-Gurdy

We're starting our "Featured Instrument" blog with the Hurdy Gurdy. For years, the Hurdy Gurdy has been one of the most popular search terms on our website. Given the fascination in the instrument and its varied use across a range of musical styles and genres, it's not surprising! 

Our Featured Hurdy Gurdy

We're delighted to have for sale this second-hand Hurdy Gurdy after Saunier by Christopher Eaton. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a left-handed instrument by this maker, who is no longer taking commissions. Click here for more info!

Hurdy Gurdy by Eaton at Early Music Shop


What is a Hurdy Gurdy?

The hurdy-gurdy, also known as the vielle, is a musical instrument whose sound is produced by the friction of a wheel against taut strings. Hurdies have varying number of strings, with 6 being the most common:

  • 2 Melody strings - Chanterelles
  • 4 Drone strings - Mouche, Trompette, Petit and Gross Bourdons

 View all Hurdy Gurdies available at the Early Music Shop >>

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