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About Lu-Mi Strings

About Lu-Mi Strings

The success of the Lu-Mi range of gambas and baroque strings is a result of many years of painstaking development and refinement by one of the world’s leading gamba plyers, Markku Luolajan-Mikkola. Markku is a distinguished Finnish gamba player with an international reputation. Over the past couple of decades he has supervised the design and development of gambas and baroque strings with luthier Zhiming Wang of Beijing. Markku supplied Mr Wang with drawings, made countless visits to the factory, and has overseen the production of this superb range of instruments. Lu-Mi is now firmly established worldwide as one the leading names in viols and baroque strings.

These are instruments designed by a player of distinction with other professional performers in mind. The collection includes 6 string viols after Richard Meares, a Barak Norman 6-string viol, 7 string bass after Bertrand, a tenor viol after Jaye, treble viols after Jaye and Hoskins, violins after Amati, Stradivarius, Guarnerius & Steiner, violas after da Salo & Stradivarius and cellos after Montagnana, Amati & Stradivarius. Markku also oversees the production of the snakewood baroque bows which are made in the workshops of Zhuge Hua.

“Since I started the business there have more than 2000 instruments sold. When I began I asked Wang to always make the instruments as good as possible, using only the best materials available, as there are enough low quality instruments in the world and we don’t need more of them. Perhaps the most flattering comment I have heard is by the leading American luthier William Monical after he saw 7 string bass viol by Wang: “These instruments will be the Jayes and Meares of the future.” He was not paying attention to the nationality or ethnic origin of the makers, but only to the workmanship and materials used.  My Instruments can also be commissioned with an antique varnish, the finish has a touch so that the instruments don’t look brand new.  Also available are a limited number of viols with carved pegbox and scroll.”

Lu-Mi Strings at EMS

All Lu-Mi instruments at the Early Music Shop are strung with Aquila strings and set up in-house by our own experienced viol technician. Please call or email a member of the EMS team for further advice or information, we are happy to help..!


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