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Virginal after Johannas Ruckers 1629 by Richard Taylor (Previously Owned)


Virginal after Johannas Ruckers 1629 by Richard Taylor

Copy of '4 1/2 voet' virginal by Johannas Ruckers 1629 - Original in Nuremberg Museum 

Pitch A415 - bass short octave

This follows the practice in organ building, where the elaborate and expensive pipe and action work for notes F# and G# were not needed for the music of the time. 

Johannas Ruckers was one of a long line of celebrated makers living in Antwerp in the late 16C and early 17C. Their instruments were highly prized and their harpsichords were enlarged, rather than scrapped, when music demanded an increased compass. 

This instrument is decorated in a way typical of Ruckers instruments; marbling was common as was soundboard painting with flowers, insects, birds and even domestic pets. Latin mottos appear in lids and flaps on simulated silk paper. 

The plectra are of Delrin, replacing the less durable crow quill of the late 16C. The jacks are of beech with holly tongues and springs of hog bristle. This instrument has Rucker-style ear dampers. 

 mouse ear dampers

These virginals appear in paintings by Vermeer where the player usually stands to perform 

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