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Tomasz Czypul - 4 Course Cittern

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by Czypul
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Tomasz Czypul - 4 Course Cittern produced and researched from drawings supplied by The Early Music Shop. French model c. 1600. Back and neck made of maple. Soundboard made of pine. Four orders. Metal strings. String Length 452mm. Tuned e' e', d' d', g g g, a a. Other tunings possible.

Optional Extras:-  
Fully Fitted/Shaped Hard Case by Kingham
Fully Fitted Soft/Hard Case by Tomasz Czypul

Tomasz Czypul Cittern String Length 452mm

Tomasz Czypul Cittern Schedule and Tuning

 e´ 0.25 steel x 2

d´ 0.30 steel x 2

g 0.40 brass x 3

a 0.35 brass x 2

Alternative tunings

(e e, d d, g g g, a a)


(e e, d d, g g g, b b)

 A diatonic version of this instrument is available to special order at no extra charge. Product code ref. CYZC4D Please email us for details.