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Haddock 11-Course Baroque Lute after Hans Frei (Left-Handed)

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Stephen Haddock has years of experience making high quality lutes at affordable prices. This lute has been specifically redesigned for left-handed players wanting to play later repertoire, in particular, French baroque lute music.

Stephen's baroque lute is after an original by Hans Frei (c.1505-1565) that is in a collection at the Warwickshire Museum. Interestingly, the original was adapted during the 18th century from a renaissance lute into a baroque lute with the demand for more strings and a different tuning! 

Stephen usually uses the following materials for this lute:

  • Back: Sycamore & Cherrywood
  • Neck: Cherrywood 
  • Pegbox: Cherrywood
  • Bridge: Plumwood
  • Fingerboard: Fruitwood
  • Pegs: Boxwood or Fruitwood
  • Nut: Bone
  • Soundboard: Alpine Spruce 

All of Stephen's lutes are made by hand and therefore they may differ slightly from the photos. This lute has a string length of 675mm.

This lute comes with a Pyramid Nylon top string and Aquila Nylgut and Wound strings. Already have this baroque lute and need replacement strings? View the stringing chart for Stephen Haddock's lutes!