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Roland C-30 Digital Harpsichord

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by Roland
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The Roland C-30 is the best digital harpsichord on the market! 

  • highly authentic harpsichord sound
  • authentic fortepiano, organ and celeste sounds
  • compact design taking minimal space
  • always in-tune
  • different tunings and temperaments at the push of a button

Although a digital version can never replace the real thing, the digital version has the advantages of being compact and always in tune! This makes it the perfect instrument for the home, for external rehearsals, for conservatoires, schools & universities and for churches & performance venues!   


The C30 has the following instrument sounds:

  • French Harpsichord
  • Flemish Harpsichord
  • Fortepiano
  • Chamber Organ
  • Organ
  • Celeste

The harpsichord sounds both have 4 dispositions - two 8" stops, 4" stop and lute stop (mute buff). These can be played singly, or layered, and it is quick and easy to change between different registrations. Harpsichord touch has been replicated on the C30 making it different to all other digital keyboards that have harpsichord sounds.

The C-30's fortepiano sound is excellently sampled and expressive playing is controlled by the lightness of touch. The 2 organ sounds are an 8" flute stop, which works perfectly as a chamber organ, and 8" & 4" flute stops when a fuller sound is required.

Tuning and Temperaments

You can change pitch and temperaments at the push of a button, making the C30 a perfect instrument for rehearsals. Being digital, it isn't affected by temperature and humidity!

As well as standard (a=440), baroque (a=415) and French baroque pitch (a=392), other pitches are possible such as classical pitch (a=430). In addition, the C30 can be fine-tuned and matched to different instruments.

As well as equal temperament, the C30 has Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Vallotti and Meantone temperaments.


The volume is adjustable on the C30 so you play at a similar level to an acoustic harpsichord, or change the volume to match your setting. The built-in speakers can easily fill a medium-sized hall without compromising on sound and tone. You can plug headphones into the C30 which is handy for late night practice! It is also possible to plug the C30 into external speakers, perfect for larger scale performances as well as recordings.  


Roland's C30 is modelled on virginals which have the advantage of taking up the least amount of apace as possible! It is styled in an authentic wooden cabinet and a high-quality mahogany finish. The C30 is finished with attractive stained glass in the stand and a art-deco decorative panel in the keyboard lid. Different panels are available to order, meaning it will fit into the styling of any home!

The C30 harpsichord includes a matching stool.


Includes a 3-year warranty upon registration of purchase (includes creating an account).


Read the C30's full specification or the C30's Manual.

Introduction & Review

Read a review of the C30 by Professor George Pratt, an Emeritus Professor of Music at Huddersfield University.