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Medieval Fiddle after a 14th Century Fresco by Roberto Montagna

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This medieval fiddle (vielle) is made by Italian luthier Roberto Montagna. It is based on a study of the fresco by Andrea Bonaiuti, made in 1365, of the Cappellone degli Spagnoli in Santa Maria Novella, Firenze.

It is made exclusively with Italian wood. The soundboard is Italian spruce from Val di Fiemme inlaid with maple and pear, the ribs and back are pear, the neck is solid pearwood, the fingerboard is pear and maple, the button and pegs are maple and the tailpiece is hand-carved in maple.

Vibrating String Length: 358mm
Maximum Length of Instrument: 640mm
Maximum Width of Instrument: 205mm
Maximum Hight of Instrument: 90mm
Width of Nut: 30mm
Length of Fingerboard: 225mm

About Roberto Montagna

Roberto Montagna was born in Montagnana in 1981. Son of a musician father, he also developed a passion for music. In 2007 he made the acquaintance of an artisan carpenter and after he had learned the rudiments of carpentry, he began the project of building a guitar for himself. He realised he had a passion for building and at this point he began a personal study of stringed instruments. He met Maestro Fabio Chiari in 2009 and soon became a pupil in his workshop. In 2014 he graduated from the Tuscany School of Violin Making where he received recognition from his research on Quality of Sound. Today Roberto runs his own workshop making classical string instruments as well as medieval instruments.