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Haddock 6 Course Renaissance Lute after Venere

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This handcrafted, affordable 6-course lute is made by English maker Stephen Haddock after an original by Vendelio Venere (active 1551-1611). It is ideal for beginner and advancing lutenists who want to focus on 16th century Italian repertoire.It has now been discovered that Venere was Wendelin Tieffenbrucker. The Tieffenbrucker family dominated lute-making in the 16th century in Venice and Padua! Their lutes were typically shorter and more rounded in the body than those of Hans Frei and other makers.

Stephen uses a variety of woods and materials to make these lutes and often uses the following:

  • Back, neck & pegbox - Cherrywood
  • Bridge & Fingerboard - Plumwood
  • Pegs - Boxwood
  • Nut: Bone
  • Soundboard: Alpine Spruce 
  • Finish: Oil Varnish


This lute has a string length of 585mm. For replacement strings view the stringing chart for Haddock's instruments.


This lute is sold without a case. There are several cases available as extras: