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Gamut Academie Baroque Viola 2nd/D Gimped String - Light +

by Gamut
£23.29 excluding VAT (UK Export Price)
  • Gauge: 1.02mm
  • Tension: Light +
  • Length: Single Length
  • Type: Gimped

This is a single length, (24"), string with copper wire twisted into it. Natural strings are hand-rubbed with a light oil. The string comes with plain, unknotted ends. 

Gimped strings were first mentioned in an advertisement in the 1664 addition of John Playford's "Introduction to the Skill of Music". The exact historical nature of these strings is not known, and the strings we produce are based on the descriptions of gimped lace of the period.

The addition of wire into the gut gives extra density to the string so it can be thinner than a plain gut string of the same weight. The gimped string, being thinner and having some metal content, offers a brighter tone and quicker response than a plain gut string of the same gauge density.

The gimped string is characterized by the barber-pole or candy stripe appearance of the wire in the twist of the gut. Gimped strings are gauged by the equivalent diameter system. This means that a given string is equal in weight to a certain gut diameter but the actual diameter of the string is smaller due to the added weight of the wire. For example a gimped string may be gauged at = 1.50 mm but the actual diameter of the string is 1.10 mm. The thinness and wire give a bright tone.

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