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Eric Moulder Renaissance Alto Shawm In F

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Eric Moulder renaissance alto shawm in f. The design for the shawm by Eric Moulder is based upon one which can be clearly seen in a painting by Hans Memling c.1480 in Najera, Spain. Shawms were originally thought to have been developed from the middle eastern zurna with the shawm first appearing in Europe around the 13th century. Renaissance shawms tend to be much louder than Spanish shawms due to the size of the bore and large bell. 

Sound Files for Renaissance Shawms:
Sopranino in F
Soprano in C
Soprano in D
Alto in F
Alto in G
Tenor in C

Fingering Charts for 
Renaissance Shawms:
Sopranino Renaissance Shawm 
Soprano Renaissance Shawm
Alto Renaissance Shawms
Tenor Renaissance Shawms