EMS 17 String Knee Harp

by Early Music Shop

The 17 string Knee Harp is an inexpensive, but substantially built Celtic harp. This harp is an ideal starter instrument for those wanting to get started before investing in a larger, more expensive harp. This harp is ideally played on the lap, and is also an effective therapy harp.

The harp is made of rosewood with a laminated soundboard, with traditional Celtic style carvings. The harp is nylon strung and is supplied with a slightly padded canvas bag, tuning key and an extra set of strings.

  • Range: 2.3 octaves
  • Lowest Note: A (5th below middle C)
  • Highest Note: C (2 octaves above middle C)
  • Height: 75cm
  • Weight: 3.3kg

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