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Cranmore Soprano Recorder after Haka

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This soprano after Haka is handmade by English maker Tim Cranmore.

Richard Haka (b. London, 1646; d. Amsterdam, 1705) started work as a woodwind maker c. 1660 after moving with his family to Amsterdam in 1652. He was trained by his nephew Coenraad Rijkel and the insturment makers Abraham van Aardenberg and Jan Steenbergen. Haka's instruments evidently enjoyed a wide reputation; a 1700 inventory of the Medici Court in Florence lists a consort of 16 recorders by him.

There are several surviving sopranos by Haka, which span the change from transitional, with a simple turned exterior, to the French baroque pattern in several sections with ornamentally turned joints. Cranmore's soprano is a copy of an original in ebony with ivory mounts, now owned by Shrine to Music in the USA.

This soprano is made of African blackwood with decoration rings, and is supplier with a handmade blue roll case.

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