Haddock 6 Course Lute after Hieber - left hand option

by Stephen Haddock

Note - this lute is specifically designed for left handed players and is only available to special order.

Haddock 6 Course Lute after Hieber - After a long association with The Early Music Shop, Stephen Haddock has been specially commissioned to produce us a range of inexpensive lutes suitable for the beginner and more advanced player.  Each lute tends to be individual, so please ask for an exact specification. String length 595mm - 600mm. 

NB. Please note that a case is not included, but various options are available by following the links below. 

Kingham Hard Case:  
Typical Specification:-
(the actual lute supplied may vary for this specification, so please ask for full details of the current model in stock)

Back:              Sycamorewith stained sycamore inlay.
Neck:              Sycamore
Pegbox:          Sycamore
Bridge:            Plum
Fingerboard:   Plum
Pegs:               Boxwood
Nut:                 Bone
Soundboard:   Alpine Spruce

Vibrating string length = 600mm

6 Course Lute Stringing Schedule - Aquila G, C , f , a , d', g
(For spare strings, simply use the product codes below to search our website) 


1st Course   g    AQUL42NG x 1 
2nd Course  d'   AQUL48NG x 2
3rd Course   a    AQUL64NG x 2
4th Course    f    AQUL82NG x 2
5th Course   C    AQUL104D x 2
6th Course   G    AQUL150D x 2
Fretgut:      0.80 - EMS6FG08
This lute is finished with an oil varnish. 

For spare strings, simply use the product codes above to search our website


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