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Camac Telenn 34 String Lever Harp in Maple

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by Camac

The Telenn harp is a 34 gut strung lever harp made by the well-known artisan French make, Camac Harps.

  • Range: A1 - C34
  • Strings: 34 strings - Nylon for gut strung harp (A1-F3), classical light gauge gut (E4-D26) and Galli lever harp bass wires (C27-C34).
  • Body: Made of maple and beech woods
  • Soundboard: Made of sprucewood
  • Height (max): 132cm on feet/146cm on legs
  • Weight: 12kg

    This Telenn harp has a walnut finish, but is also available in natural maple, cherrywood, mahogany and ebony. It is available on flat feet or higher legs, depending on your preference.

    The Telenn is a harp comparable with the Hermine, for those who prefer gut strings. Its relatively small size makes it an ideal starter or travelling instrument, without compromising on the range. The Telenn Harp has recently been redesigned by Camac in response to feedback from harp players and teachers. It has a new soundboard, different curvature design on the neck, new strings lengths and a new tension. Now strung with light gut, the tension is softer and the pull is lighter, ideal for both beginners and folk harpists.