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Camac Korrigan 38 String Harp in Mahogany

by Camac

The Korrigan harp is a 38 gut strung lever harp made by the well-known artisan French make, Camac Harps.

  • Range: C00 - A36
  • Strings: 38 strings - Nylon for gut strung harp (A1-F3), classical gauge gut (E4-D26) and Galli lever harp bass wires (C27-A36).
  • Body: Made of maple and beech woods
  • Soundboard: Made of sprucewood
  • Height (max): 144cm on feet/156cm on legs
  • Weight: 15kg

This Korrigan harp is available in cherrywood, natural maple, walnut, mahogany and ebony and the option of flat feet (standard) or higher legs (special order), depending on your preference.

The Korrigan harp is ideal for harpists seeking a lever harp with gut strings. In many ways the Korrigan's design is inspired by the pedal harp: its gauge, spacing and string tension are identical. It is therefore very suitable to players who wish to progress to playing a pedal harp, or pedal harpists looking for a smaller, more easily portable harp. Soundboard decoration also available to special order.