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Camac Janet 34 String Harp in Walnut

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by Camac
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The Janet harp is a 34 nylon strung lever harp made by the well-known artisan French make, Camac Harps.

  • Range: A1 - C34
  • Strings: 34 strings – Celtic nylon (A1-D26) and Galli lever bass wires (C27-C34).
  • Body: Made of maple and beech woods
  • Soundboard: Made of sprucewood
  • Height (max): 130cm on feet/135cm on legs
  • Weight: 11 kg

Available in walnut or maple only but with the option of flat feet (standard) or higher legs (special order), depending on your preference.

 “When Joël Garnier offered to make me the harp of my dreams, I dreamed of a harp that my colleagues, students and I would love to play – quintessentially Irish, and more besides! The form of the Janet is inspired by the ancient Irish instruments, and the silver flash on the column is like a thousand fireplaces blazing in ancient halls. The string spacing is narrower and the tension lighter, as in the Irish tradition. These allow the harpist to fly nimbly over the strings, and produce a fantastic sound, both rich and luminous.

An Irish harper always has his harp by his side, and the Janet is as light and comfortable to transport as it is to play. Thank you, Jakez, for realizing Joël’s and my dream of an ultimate Irish harp. I am proud to play and be associated with such a triumph for Celtic music.”