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Camac Celtic Isolde 38 String Harp in Walnut

by Camac

The Isolde harp is a 38 Alliance® fluorocarbon strung lever harp made by the well-known artisan French make, Camac Harps.

    • Range: C00 - A36
    • Strings: 38 strings - Alliance® fluorocarbon Isolde gauge strings (C00-D26) and Galli lever harp bass wires (C27-A36).
    • Body: Made of maple and beech woods
    • Soundboard: Made of sprucewood
    • Height (max): 141cm
    • Weight: 14kg

This Isolde harp is available in cherrywood, natural maple, walnut, mahogany and ebony.

Timeless appearance, beautifully light Alliance® strings, and a clear sound make the Celtic Isolde a dream harp for traditional music. Its range, extended to the 38 strings of modern harps, firmly anchors it in the here and now. With a bass register of great depth and bewitching power, and a supple yet substantial touch, the Isolde will offer you incomparable pleasure, as well as great diversity in your musical choices. Soundboard decoration also available to special order.