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Byrd: Songs of sundrie natures for 3-6 Voices

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Facsimile of Byrd's Songs of sundrie natures, some of gravitie, and others of myrth, fir for all companies and voices published in 1589. Presented in 6 Partbooks.

  • 3 Parts Lord in thy rage; Right blest are they; Lord in thy wrath; O God which art most mercifull; Lord heare my prayer instantly; From depth of sinne O Lord; Attend myne humble prayer Lord; Susanna fayre; The Nightingale; When yonglings first; Uppon a sommers day; The greedy Hauke;
  • 4 Parts As Love a boy; Wounded I am; From Citheron; O Lord my God; While that the Sunne; Rejoyce, rejoyce; Cast of all doubtfull care;
  • 5 Parts Weeping full sore; Penelope; Compell the Hauke to sit; See, see those sweet eyes; When I was otherwise then now I am; When first by force; I thought that love had bene a boy; O deere lyfe when may it be; Love would discharge; From Virgins wombe; Of gold all burnisht;
  • 6 Parts Behold how good a thing it is; An earthly tree; Who made thee Hob; And think ye Nymphes; If in thine hart; Unto the hills; Christ rising againe.