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Babell: XII Solos for a Violon, Hoboy or German Flute with a Bass figur'd for the Harpsichord

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Facsimile of Babell's 12 Sonatas for a Violin, Oboe or Flute and Continuo. This posthumous edition contains graces for each Adagio by Babell.

  • Sonata I in G Minor
  • Sonata II in C Minor
  • Sonata III in G Minor
  • Sonata IV in Bb Major
  • Sonata V in G Major
  • Sonata VI in C Minor
  • Sonata VII in F Major
  • Sonata VIII in Eb Major
  • Sonata IX in C Minor
  • Sonata X in Bb Major
  • Sonata XI in C Minor
  • Sonata XII in Bb Major