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Welcome to the world's largest source of early musical instruments!
Welcome to the world's largest source of early musical instruments!

Aquila Half-Rectified Gut String HR 170 (half-rectified oiled string).

by Aquila
£14.58 excluding VAT (UK Export Price)

Aquila Half-Rectified Gut String HR 170 (half-rectified oiled string).

  • Gauge: 1.70mm (equivalent gut gauge)
  • Length: 120cm

First choice plain gut strings for general use in high and mid registers. All strings more than 0.50 mm. in diameter are exclusively high twist and undergo a specific processing aiming to ensure maximum elasticity and grant the best acoustical performance, ease of attack and long playing life, as proven by many acoustics and wear-and-tear tests.

This new product is offered instead of the varnished gut strings and are a half-rectified strings (HR types) .

String varnishing is a modern treatment which was never used historically (gut strings were kept in olive or almond oil) and its sole purpose is granting a longer string playing life. But this happens at the cost of other aspects, the most important being a loss of sound quality, brightness for example, but also the bowing attack is not as efficient as with unvarnished gut. The surface of the half-rectified strings is only partly rectified, imitating the manual polishing technique of the time just to obtain a true string. With this method the amount of fibres damaged by the abrasive action is noticeably reduced as compared with strings rectified with modern procedures. The advantages are: better stability against climatic changes, longer playing life and better acoustic performance. Aquila tested these strings for a long time: they best imitate historic hand-polishing in that they damage only a small amount of gut fibres as compared with current rectifying methods. 

The advantages are improved stability by climatic changes, longer playing life (similar to those of the varnished ones) and superior acoustical performance. 

Owing to the special manufacturing technique employed in the production of the half-rectified string type, the diameters in this table indicate a mean value. ie. a 0.66mm string indicates, in fact, a possible diameter between 0.65mm - 0.67mm.