6-String Baroque Guitar after Stradivarius by Early Music Shop

by Early Music Shop
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Stradivarius’ instruments are somewhat plainer than some Baroque instruments but there is no doubt they have the great luthier’s famed tone at their heart. The soundboard is of Canadian spruce, with the back and sides maple or sycamore. The fingerboard is of Macassar ebony, as are the tuning pegs. The rosette is made of Macassar ebony and sycamore. This 6-string version allows classical guitarists to enjoy the delicate sound of the baroque guitar with minimal acclimatisation. The string length has also been reduced and overall size to be closer to other Baroque guitars of the period, which gives it a delicate and intimate sound. Complete with high quality locking hard case.

  • Length: 904mm
  • Width (widest): 239mm
  • Depth: 93mm
  • Nut to Bridge: 663mm

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